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Catherine Anderson

Catherine "Cat" Anderson used her will to ensure her support of Graland would continue on even after her lifetime.

To know Catherine Anderson was to have a friend of strong character, great generosity and thoughtful optimism. Before she passed in 2016, Cat, as she was known, honored her long history with Graland by establishing an estate bequest benefitting the school. In connecting with the family members and friends who knew her best, we gain a more accurate picture of this passionate woman who made a significant impact both during and after her lifetime.

A thoughtful, engaged and sophisticated philanthropist, Cat financially supported organizations aligned with causes she most valued: horses, nature, wildlife, birds, classical music and children. Friend and mentee, Ben Duke '68, shares, "Cat believed that good organizations make for a good community. She supported a variety of organizations for the betterment of the whole."

With a blended family that included seven sons, Cat and her husband, Keith*, were loyal and generous benefactors of Graland while all seven children attended, and for many decades after. "She thought that Graland had done a great job for her sons and recognized the school as an institution that was doing good things," Ben explains.

The school is deeply thankful that Cat chose to thoughtfully and optimistically support Graland through her estate plans, and we are incredibly grateful for all types of gifts and support. There are many ways to make and direct gifts that support the school, its students, programs, teachers and facilities. So, what are you optimistic about? What is worth supporting now and into the future?

To get started making your future gift, contact Jessica Goski at or 303-336-3705.

The Andersons raised seven alumni of Graland: Mike Fitzpatrick '61*, Stephen Fitzpatrick '63, Ben Fitzpatrick '67, David Fitzpatrick '70, Fletcher Anderson '62*, Warren Anderson '65 and Nick Anderson '67*.